Create a Quest

With 3 different ways to play, the ability to photo brand the application and images, plus 12 different types of challenges including: pictures, multiple choice, drawing, and location based check-in’s we are sure your hunt will be fun & successful.

Pricing is simple; for each challenge it’s $2.50.  The application is free to download and can be played by hundreds at no additional cost.

We recently upgraded to version 2.0, and will have our new website up and running shortly.  Until then, here is what you need to know:

  1. You can create a test hunt at no cost. Visit our  Scan Quest generator here:
  2. After submitting you will receive an email with your hunt, but it will only work for 5 minutes.
  3. If you are satisfied with your hunt; just email us and we’ll send you an invoice.  Once the invoice is paid, you’ll receive the full code.

There is a lot that you can do with Scan Quest and we are more than happy to demo/walk you through setting up your hunt.  Feel free to email us or call any time: 347-443-8368

1) All codes can only be scanned once per each device, per each quest after scanning the start scan. This eliminates cheating by allowing someone to scan the same code several times.  However, it is possible to have multiple codes present the same information.