Great features all in one app

  • Scalable 1 or 1000+ people:No more trying to hand out tons of paper and pens, people starting at different times, finding answers beforehand, cheating and the other challenges with hosting a scavenger hunt.
  • 13 types of Challenges: Keep your players interested and having fun, but choosing from different challenges like multiple choice, drawing, pictures and running to different locations. See below for details.
  • Branding of Photos and Application: Make Scan-Quest look like your own app by replacing the main screen image with your own.  Get a sponsor to pay for Scan-Quest and put their logo on every picture that people take and upload to Facebook/twitter to promote their brand.
  • Synchronization of Photos: All those great and funny pictures that your players have taken are stored online so you can use them for a slide show or your website.
  • Online and Offline scoring: Use your client portal to log in and score the teams. If you don’t have a laptop or WiFi, you can score the teams right from their app.
  • 3 Way to play: You are able to create a quest that either downloads the questions, makes players find and scan to obtain challenges, points, and prizes or a combination of both.
  • Social Media integration: For pictures and drawings players have the ability to post to Facebook. Used with photo branding, this is pretty powerful when promoting your company.
  • Create your own Instructions: You can write anything that goes into the instructions page on the application to tell players what the rules are, when to be back, a contact number if they need help, etc…
  • Stop Cheating: When the Quest is over, players are unable to add/change their questions. Unlike traditional scavenger hunts when players are waiting to be graded, they can still look for answers.


Challenge Styles / Ways to Play

Visit the demo page for more information.

  • Show in App: Like traditional scavenger hunts, when the player scans the start code, the challenge will automatically appear in their challenge list in Scan-Quest.
  • Print and Scan: When the player scans the start code, he/she then needs to find and scan this, which will then show in their challenge list in Scan-Quest.
  • Combination: You are able to mix Challenge Styles.  When the player scans their challenge list can be pre-populated with challenges and players can find and scan additional codes for more challenges.


Challenge Types


Ask any question and allow for players to provide any answer. Example: What is the tallest Mountain? Answer: (Anything they write)

Multiple Choice

Ask any question, but only allow players to select from one of four choices: Example: What is the tallest Mountain?  Answer: Space | Everest | Cokino | Andy
Photo: Ask players to take a picture of something or doing something. Example: Take a picture of the team jumping in the air.


Allowing players to use different colors, they can draw something.  Example: Draw the USPS logo

Go to / To do / Action

This is a no point challenge which allows you get players to a location. Example: Go to the candy store at 123 street to get your next challenge

Bring Back

Many scavenger hunts ask players to bring back, we also ask to take a picture of the item to make sure that they had the item before the timer ran out. Example: Take a picture of and bring back a fortune cookie


Players can earn points for just going to a location. Example: go to the ABC store and press “check-in”.

Info / Break

This can be used to separate groups of questions and/or provide more information about these challenges. Example: Find in Macy’s Store, Bonus Points, Green Team Only

Prize Single Scan

This can only be used with a “Print and Scan” type of Challenge.  Scanning this code will add a prize of your selection to the points and prizes screen to be claimed when the hunt is over.  Example: Candy

Prize Multi Scan

This can only be used with a “Print and Scan” type of Challenge.  Like the Single Scan prize scanning this code will allow players to collect multiple of the same prize of your selection to the points and prizes screen to be claimed when the hunt is over.  Example: Raffle ticket


This can only be used with a “Print and Scan” type of Challenge.  The player will receive the points specified. Points can be any whole integers including negative and positive numbers. The disadvantage of using “Points” over “Range of Points” is that players could find out prior by someone else scanning which codes may be negative points and not scan them. Example:+1, +3, -10, -25

Points Range

Like the Point type, Players receive a random number between the range that you specify. Example: -5 to +5: When scanned players will receive a random number like: -5, +4, +2, -1