Privacy Policy

Scan Quest (SQ) Privacy Policy: Protecting Your Digital Kingdom

Hark, noble adventurers and quest seekers! Welcome to the land of digital adventures, where Scan Quest (SQ) brings the magic of technology to your fingertips. In this realm, we hold your privacy and data security in the highest esteem – much like a valiant knight defending their castle. Read on, for we shall unveil the sacred scrolls of our witty medieval-themed privacy policy, crafted to ensure your trust and safety as you embark on your SQ quests.

Ye Gathering of Information: A Quest of Consent

When thou embark on a SQ quest, we gather tidings of information, such as your device type and operating system, to ensure our application doth serve thee well. Thy participation in these quests granteth consent to collect and employ this knowledge for the betterment of your experience.

Thy Treasures of Personal Data: Guarded by Dragons

Fear not, for we dost not seek to lay claim to thine personal data. We hold no interest in knowing thine identity, noble name, or secrets of thine realm. Any personal data shared with us, whether ’tis willingly or accidentally, shalt be guarded as fiercely as a dragon protecting its hoard.

Cookies: Delightful Virtual Feasts

In the realm of technology, cookies are virtual feasts for thy device. We use these delectable treats to enhance thine experience and provide thee with a personalized journey through SQ. Rest assured, these cookies shan’t reveal thine secrets – they’re simply there to make thy adventure all the more delightful.

Ye Quest Progress and Photos: Chronicles of Glory

As thou conquer challenges and capture photos on thy quests, these shall become part of the glorious chronicles of thy SQ adventure. Fear not, for we shan’t share these tales with the outside world, nor shall we unveil thine triumphs without thy consent.

Ye Sharing of Glory: The Social Herald

If thou choosest to share thy triumphs and achievements through the realm’s social heralds (a.k.a. social media), be mindful of the kingdom’s customs and thy chosen visibility settings. We doth not control the doings of these external platforms, so wield thy settings wisely.

Securing the Kingdom: Defense Against Breaches

Though we wield powerful enchantments to protect thy data, it is known that no kingdom is invincible. In the unlikely event of a data breach, we shall send forth our finest wizards to mend the breach, notify thee, and strive to restore peace to the realm.

Children of the Realm: A Call to Guardians

Children of the realm under the age of 13, heed this warning: thou must secure the blessing of a guardian before venturing forth into the realm of SQ. We take the protection of young adventurers seriously, and we require consent from their protectors.

Ye Right to Privacy: A Sacred Oath

Above all, noble quest seekers, remember thy right to privacy. If thou ever wishest to part ways with SQ and delete thine account, thou mayst do so at any time.

Questions and Inquiries: Summon Us Forth!

Should thou have any queries or concerns about this whimsical yet solemn privacy policy, do not hesitate to summon us forth via carrier pigeon (or electronic mail) at We art at thy service to ensure thy peace of mind on your digital quests.

Embark on your adventures with SQ, and rest assured that your privacy is guarded as fervently as a castle’s drawbridge during a siege. With jest and reverence, we pledge our unwavering commitment to your trust and security.

Ye faithful keepers of data, the guardians of thy digital realm, The SQ Team