Scan Quest Uncategorized Discover the Next Level of Adventure with Scan Quest’s Latest Updates!

Discover the Next Level of Adventure with Scan Quest’s Latest Updates!

Attention all adventurers and thrill-seekers in Oakdale and across New York! We’re excited to unveil the latest updates to Scan Quest that will redefine your event experiences. Whether you’re a current Scan Quest user or an Oakdale local eager for thrilling quests, these updates are set to elevate your adventures like never before.

Calling All Oakdale Residents: Join the Quest!

Oakdale residents, this is your exclusive invitation to be part of an extraordinary adventure. Dive into Scan Quest’s latest enhancements and become a pioneer of immersive experiences in your own community. Unleash your creativity, engage with your surroundings, and test the new features that will reshape entertainment.

For Our Dedicated Scan Quest Explorers: The Journey Continues!

To our valued Scan Quest explorers, your journey doesn’t end – it evolves! We’re thrilled to present these updates as a token of our appreciation for your unwavering support. Brace yourselves for an even more engaging, interactive, and captivating experience as you embrace new challenges and redefine fun.

Introducing Free Branding and Exclusive Pricing Tiers for Sign-Ups

As a gesture of gratitude, we extend an exclusive opportunity to all current Scan Quest users and Oakdale participants. Upon signing up, you’ll receive:

  • Free Branding: Have an existing logo? We seamlessly incorporate it into your Scan Quest adventure, ready to showcase as participants embark on their scavenger hunt. Elevate your brand visibility by sharing the experience on social media – a doubled marketing effort!
  • $25 Worth of First Tier Pricing: Immerse yourself in the world of Scan Quest with our first tier pricing plans. Experience the thrill of Pay Per Use and embark on the journey of crafting challenges step by step.

Don’t Have a Logo? We’ve Got You Covered!

Need a logo revamp or a total overhaul? Our creative experts are here to assist. Elevate your branding game and make a lasting impression with a fresh logo tailored to your vision.

Unlock the $777 Website Deal from EAS!

Looking for a comprehensive digital presence? Enhance your branding journey with EAS’s exclusive $777 website deal. Seamlessly integrate your Scan Quest adventure with a stunning website that captures your essence and engages your audience. Elevate your online footprint and turn visitors into customers with this limited-time offer.

Discover Our Pricing Tiers: Tailor Your Adventure

Choose from our flexible pricing tiers to suit your preferences:

  • Pay Per Use – $2.50 per Challenge: Start small and build your adventure one challenge at a time. Perfect for those eager to explore the realm of Scan Quest.

How It Works:

  1. Sign up and provide your current logo or explore our logo services.
  2. Experience your branded Scan Quest adventure.
  3. Play and share your adventure on social media, amplifying your brand’s reach.

Prepare to Elevate Your Adventure!

Join us on this exhilarating journey of innovation and exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned Scan Quest user or an Oakdale resident, the stage is set for unparalleled excitement, branding, and connection. Be part of the Scan Quest evolution and redefine the way you experience events.

Ready to embark on the future of immersive adventures? Sign up now and let the quest unfold!

Sign Up Now

Note: Free branding and pricing offers are exclusively for current Scan Quest users and Oakdale participants who sign up for testing. Limited spots available. EAS’s $777 website deal is subject to availability.

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